Book One

The Denwick Mysteries

Even private detective Sloane West’s penchant for Irish whiskey isn’t helping her deal with the worst month of her life.

After surviving two personal tragedies, her new client is shot dead during their first meeting.

Sloane believes his murderer is a hitman and has a hunch why she and her client were on his list. Determined to find who hired him, she travels to the village of Denwick on Vancouver Island.

But the first thing she finds is an eccentric old woman named Dorathea and the truth about her mother’s greatest lie: Sloane West is a witch.

As she struggles to accept a magical world exists, she delves into the mysterious and deceptive lives of her suspects. But time is running out for solving the case because the closer she gets to the truth, the more danger she finds herself in.

And nothing is more dangerous than the world she denies…