C. Jean Downer grew up on the flat plains of rural western Nebraska, where she learned storytelling could fill her days and entertain her friends, and reading could transport her to new places and worlds.

For her first job, she stocked shelves at the small public library in her town. Instead of money, she earned hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, cookies, and all the books she could check out.

It was there among the modest rows that she decided she wanted to be an author.

For college, she completed an undergraduate and master’s degree in English and a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition. At university, Downer taught composition, literature, and women’s studies. She credits academia and publishing non-fiction as an essential step toward her dream of becoming a fiction writer.

After more than a decade in academia, she took time off to raise and teach her two daughters at home, and during those important years, she decided to write fiction full time. Over the past three years, she has honed her craft and is currently working on her debut Detective novel, Lies Are Forever.

C. Jean Downer lives in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, with the loves of her life, her wife Theresa and their awesome daughters, two dogs, and three cats. She enjoys long walks on the beach… Only kidding, she is much happier curled up on the couch with coffee or tea, a good mystery, a sharp pencil and Moleskin, and chocolate.

Always chocolate.