101 Words

Please enjoy my microfiction, “No Time to Forget,” first published in 101 Words

Wallace sat at a kitchen table, numb. In his head, blue lights from the driveway still flashed.

He was finished being strong. He had held her hand as life slipped away, then made the calls, and waited while the sun rose.

Now tears trickled down, splattering in silence on the tabletop as his shaky hand-poured stale coffee. How many minutes, hours, days would pass before he forgot she had asked for cream in her cuppa?

With labored breathing, his tears turned to tortured sobs, and his heart strained, forgetting its rhythm without the beat that steadied it over a lifetime.

© C. Jean Downer

50-Word Stories

Please enjoy my microfiction, “Where My Friend’s Brother Died,” first published in 50-Word Stories

Townsfolk named it Suicide Hill, a dirt road heading into the setting sun. It intersected train tracks near the bottom, with no warning lights or crossbars.

My friend called it Memory Lane, and we rode our bikes in the midday, coasting toward make-shift crosses, feet off pedals, setting spirits free.

© C. Jean Downer

50-Word Stories

Please enjoy my microfiction, “A Widower’s Decline,” first published in 50-Word Stories

Numbness spread through him as the years passed, undoing the wishes they made throwing pennies into Fontaine des Mers while strolling the Place de la Concorde. Now, a lifetime later and too old for dreams, he tossed pocket change in a jam jar next to their bed before falling asleep.