Cold Moon Journal

Many thanks to editor Roberta Beach Jacobson for publishing my haiku. The first three months of the year were filled with tests and procedures, ending in a lumpectomy and a biopsy of clear surrounding tissue. I know how fortunate I am, and I’m grateful. Read the excellent journal here:

failed haiku – a journal of English Senryu

Like so many others, we suffered a lot of heartache in 2021. The Covid pandemic was especially merciless on our girls. I sought comfort in poetry, especially haiku, which helped me stay present. I will always be grateful to founder and editor, Mike Rehling, for choosing to include three of my earliest haiku in Issue […]

Poetry Pea Journal

Poetry Pea Journal 22:2 is out and full of excellent haiku with a special “Memory” section in which the editors included one of my poems. I thank them kindly! Download the issue and read all the fabulous work. fragrant liliesI hear my father’svoice

Failed Haiku Issue #76

Please enjoy my senryu first published in Failed Haiku: a journal of English Senryu © C. Jean Downer