Ok, so my most favourite things in the world are wrapped up in this sapphic mystery. 1. It has WLW in it. 2. It’s a murder investigation. 3. Witches! Though, Dorathea will say “Wiċċe, not witch, dear. Such a common term.”

I loved everything about this book. From page one I was hooked on Sloane’s no-nonsense attitude and feisty temperament. I loved how each page had something to keep me engaged and wanting more.

I loved all the characters, each with their own quirks and mannerisms that made up Sloane’s found family. My favorite was Dorathea, Sloane’s distant cousin and high priestess of the West Coven. She’s a stickler for names and hates it when people shorten them, and she definitely doesn’t let Sloane get away with much. She is followed closely by Elvina, Sloane’s familiar, who until recently Sloane thought was her very intuitive cat called Bear.

The investigation was so well done that I had no idea who did it until it was revealed. It meant that it had me wondering who it could be all through the book, which made me want to not put it down until I did find out. And Rose. Oh, Rose! Our redheaded love interest. Though the relationship wasn’t the focus of this book, I loved the way the author made the two grow closer. I can’t wait to see where their relationship ship goes after *that* scene. ~ Jess, Goodreads.

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