“My comfort zone is mystery and thriller, so the addition of the sci-fi/fantasy element is newer to me.

In this book, Sloane West is an ex-New York City cop turned private investigator who has a mystery dumped right into her lap in the first chapter. The recent death of her mother – and her grandparents who she never knew – lead her to a peaceful Canadian town where she finds not only a love interest but also vast supernatural powers (thus, the introduction of witches, shapeshifters, and other powers!).

The author pulled it off. The clues for what’s to come are weaved in and make me want to keep reading. The cast of characters is diverse and engaging. And, can we talk about the love interest? The normalizing of lesbian relationships is (finally!) happening, and this text does a great job of it. I found myself wondering what Rose was doing all day when she wasn’t at the tavern (turns out you have some clues by the end!). I wanted this relationship to be developed a bit more.

The best part is that this is Book 1 of the Sloane West Mystery series. We are set up for more by the end. My hope is that an entire book with Jane’s story appears! If you love mystery, fast pace, interesting characters, and some magical elements, or if you want something new this book is for you! ~ Tiffany Goodreads

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