Have you ever read a book in a series and as soon as you finished it wished you had the next one?

Because that is this book for me. Lies are Forever is a gripping story that follows Sloane West as she follows the trail of what she believes to be a botched attempt on her life, and finds an entire world of magic and creatures she never knew existed. A world she herself is a part of. With the help of her cousin Dorathea and her familiar Elvina she begins to unravel lies from not only her own family, but that of the multiple generations. She’s thrust into a plot of murder, and revenge and struggles to not only solve the mystery, but learn the powers denied her since birth by her mother.

Downer did such an amazing job of fleshing out and creating this world. The world building and magic system was so good and well thought out. The characters they populated the story with were extremely entertaining, both the good and the bad. I love Dorathea so much, and really hope she gets to be with her beloved in another book. And Elvina is sassy and extremely protective of her ward, Sloane. Not to mention all of the townsfolk of Denwick who hold their own secrets, both magical and mundane.

Cannot wait to see more from this author and highly recommend this for someone who loves mysteries or magic worlds, or both. ~ Kay M. on NetGalley

Thank you so much, Kay!

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